Parrot Piece

Performer 1, Wassili: Stories which members auf the audience told the artist before. In exchange they received a performance score. 
Performer 2, Kate Theodore: Violin 
Performer 3, Eifion Sven-Myer: Paper and crayons
Performer 4-x, Audience members: Performance score received in exchange of one of their stories and forwarded it.

Performers 1-3 were asked to perform in harmony. Every performative action was a reaction to an action of another performer. Meanwhile the audience members had a free choice to perform their score.  

What happened was a slightly chaotic transformation of the whole space in to a performative event. This included scripted actions like a tone from the violin or a a performed score, but also randomly happening elements like a coughing by an audience member. Whereas the time-based elements created each other, the drawings documented what happened. 

Consider an object. Call what is not the object ‘other.’
EXERCISE: Add to the object, from the ‘other’, another, to form a new object and a new ‘other’.
Repeat until there’s no more ‚other‘.
EXERCISE: Take a part from the object and add it to the ‚other‘, to form a new object and a new ‚other‘.
Repeat until there is no more object.

(George Brecht, 1998)

Score Performers

– Start an action if you feel like it
⁃ Keep continuing as long you want
⁃ If another performer has started an action perceive it
⁃ Interact with their action as soon you feel like it
⁃ Take breaks
⁃ Move if you want

Score Audience

⁃ Sing to the music.
⁃ Go to the drawing person and tell him a story.
⁃ Leave the room three times. Pass the score afterwards to somebody else
⁃ Repeat singing one tone for twenty times. If you don’t like to sing, pass the score to somebody else.
⁃ Whisper to somebody in the room a story. Ask this person to whisper the same story to somebody else.
⁃ Stop the performance when it‘s time to.
⁃ Tell somebody to be quiet.
⁃ Walk straight lines through the room until the end of the performance.
⁃ Create a beat with your body until the end of the performance.
⁃ Take the elevator and stop at every level.
⁃ Whisper ‚other‘ to all people you don’t know in the room. Pass the score afterwards to somebody else.

Audience member with a score