Website: “Hi, I’m Wassilis website. I’m carrying his art, thoughts and information around. My life source is your attention, so you’re very welcome to spend some time with me. x”

Wassili: “Thanks for that. To give you some general information about me: I’m an artist working between Glasgow, St. Gallen and Zürich. In my practice you encounter the topics of cultural performativity and phenomena from a transhumanist point of view. Sounds complicated, but honestly it isn’t.

Website: “So what do you mean with cultural performativity and phenomena?”

Wassili: “Well, the term performativity has many different interpretations. It can be seen as conscious action constructed through a mesh of time in space mixed with attention. The opposite would maybe be something like unaware intentionality. Attention plays a major role in this thought construct. I think cultural phenomena, for example the monster, are logical products of the humans existence. To take a look at these cultural phenomena, their terminology, presence in mass media and background is what I’m interested in. The more perspectives on something, the more interesting it becomes.”

Website: “Allright, allright. And what has this to do with transhumanism?”

Wassili: “Well, I guess that’s connected to the idea that my perception is definitely affected by digital media. I grew up with it and therefore developed an organic use of expression. In my creative processes I’m definitely digitalised to a higher degree. I also have a big curiosity regarding all forms digital media can take. Information has exponentially grown since the internet, your mother, exists. I’m curious how we’re able to connect and structure this information and try to tell stories how they haven’t been told before. And how we can rewrite stories which are currently hurting and oppressing people.”

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